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  • Kaguvi Building: Central Avenue / 4th Street

    +263-4-798537-60 | info@ccmzimbabwe.org.zw

The Zimbabwe Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) is established in response to requirements and recommendations of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (" The Global Fund " - GF) where GF processes at country level should be led by multi-stakeholder structure. The CCM is the highest decision making authority on GF processes at country level from grant application through to grant closure. In its composition the CCM is a country-level mirror image of the Global Fund Board where membership is drawn from a variety of stakeholder groups among them government, civil society, private sector, faith based, people living with and affected by the three diseases (HIV, TB and Malaria), and development partners among others. The CCM is the central piece of the GF public-private partnership and multi-stakeholder governance
The Zimbabwe CCM aspires to ensure transparency, accountability, equity, fairness and participation of all stakeholders in CCM and Global Fund processes to effectively contribute to the reduction of the burden of HIV, TB and Malaria and the achievement of national health outcomes. It seeks to be unified multi-sectoral partnership committed to achieve greatest impact for GF grants
The Zimbabwe CCM seeks to promote transparency and accountability in the implementation of Global Fund grants by establishing policies, guidelines and systems that ensure involvement of all constituencies in the application for and implementation of the Global Fund grants through;
  1. Ensuring transparency in the development of funding requests to the Global Fund,
  2. Harmonizing Global Fund grants with other resources,
  3. Establishing an effective oversight system and tools, and
  4. Continuously building the capacity of CCM and its constituencies

The Zimbabwe Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) was established in 2002 and operates in accordance with the Global Fund standards and requirements for CCMs. Zimbabwe CCM is responsible for coordinating the development of grant proposals/concept notes/funding requests to the Global Fund (GF) based on priority need at the national. Once a funding request is approved by the GF Board, the CCM oversees the implementation of the grants by the nominated Principal Recipient and its implementing partners (Sub-recipients and sub-sub-recipients). The CCM is charged with increased role in grant oversight which includes but not limited to follow-up to grant implementation, resolution of implementation issues and approval of major changes to the grant programme. The CCM ensures that GF funded programmes are harmonized and aligned with national health and development initiatives, systems and policies.

members Our membership is drawn from a variety of stakeholders among them government, civil society, private sector, faith based..[View]

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